Smokemiester BBQ Smoker Start up

Start Up: Open both lids on Smokemiester BBQ Smoker, and swing ash pan to the side.

Place approximately 1 cup of Pellets/Chips inside of Smokemiester BBQ Smoker. Light from the bottom with a propane torch until it flames, and swing ash pan back into position.

After 5 minutes, close the top lid on Smokemiester BBQ Smoker for 10 seconds, then reopen, and add 1 cup of pellets/chips. Then close the top lid, the Smokemiester will recover, the smoking process will begin, and start producing smoke, which will increase over the next 5 minutes, at which time you can adjust the smoke output with the lower lid.

Installation Instructions for Smokemiester Extension
Our extension adds up to an additional 16 hours smoking time, when added to your existing Smokemiester Smoker.

We recommended that you remove the Smokemiester from your grill/smoker before installing

the extension.

It installs easily by removing the nut, washer and lid from the top of your existing Smokemiester, and

installing them onto the extension.

Match the opening on the extension retaining band to the bolt of your existing smoker, and carefully press the two

cylinders together.

The extension is made to fit tight, it is supposed to be.

There is a slight variation in all tubing, so we have trial fit your extension into the lower unit, this is the reason

for the machining marks.  

Our bbq smokers need no power
and make the perfect bbq smoker 



BBQ Smokers that REALLY WORK

Smokemiester Pellet Smokers Need No Air Pump​ 

​Cleaning Instructions
To clean, just open both lids and put ¾ to 1 cup of pellets into smoker, light from the bottom until the pellets flame,

let them burn out. When cool, brush out residue.

When cool, pull screen and brush carbon residue from inside smoker and screen, clean with a small wire brush.

​For optimal performance the outlet tube needs to be cleaned to remove buildup. This can be done easiest when

unit is warm by using a 7/8” or 1 inch wire bristle tube cleaning brush, or by bending a hook in the end of a stiff wire

and inserting the wire into either end of the outlet tube to withdraw the buildup.  

pellet smoker

Smokemiester Installation and First Time Use

On a tip from a friend, I bought a Smokemister in hopes of resurrecting an old propane smoker that has never worked well. This video shows the simple installation and my first efforts with the Smokemi...

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​​​Smokemiester BBQ Smokers installation

Smokemiester Pellet Smokers install on the outside of covered grills​

​Installing your Barbecue Smoker
You need a 1 1/8" hole saw to drill a hole in your Barbecue (BBQ) BELOW THE BURNERS.

Insert the outlet tube into the hole, and secure with the nuts that are supplied.

If the connection to the BBQ is on an angle, such a kettle type BBQ, it can be installed with the addition of a 3/4" 45 degree pipe elbow fitting, and a 3/4" nipple added to your outlet tube (not included). A vertical position of the smoker may be obtained by changing the angle of the 45 degree pipe elbow fitting.