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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Smokemiester Barbecue Smoker customer reviews

I just wanted to follow up with you (now nearly a year later) and let you know just how happy we have been with the
Smokemiester! It has worked so well and made cold-smoking effortless for us!  Placing it on the bottom of our
“pit barrel” smoker has worked like a charm, and it stays lit and produces all the smoke we could hope for. In fact, I
have just placed an order for a second one that we can keep around as a backup!

"It really works! Smoked two Coho (Silver) salmon this last weekend which turned out the neighbors around
the block. I suspect the Smoker with alder & hickory chips a 130F Grill x 7 hrs added to the crisp fall aroma. Used
a flat basket on the Rotisserie and it all went very well-Only had to refill the Smokemiester once and clean up was
very very easy! I can't believe I didn't think of this myself! Thanks it's worth the money."
Larry, Oak Harbor, WA​

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​"Smokemiester attached to a Weber Kettle, I love using it, I can control the smoke which is REALLY good."

"Excellent product" "The Smokemiester works really well on my Kamado, plenty of smoke, and I love the fact
that you can keep the smoke flowing. It’s well worth the money to avoid all the hassles, and dial in just the right
amount of smoke. I would highly recommend this to friends."
Stephen, Smyrna, TN 6/23/14 

"Excellent product. Okay, I've used this for quite a while now. I'm very pleased with the overall experience.
​I actually use this on my Egg, and it sure makes adding smoke on long cooks much easier."
Stephen, Smyrna, TN 11/10/14

​"Ok I am impressed and that is hard to do. We had to do a little more adapting but got it to work and boy did it

work. I positioned it in between the two stacks in the rear so that it would have a little protection when towing.

Than​ks for all the help and answers."
Rick, Jefferson City, TN

"Just wanted to let you know that I have made the Smokemiester go through several test runs in my (dear I say)

spanking ​new smoke house and it works great! For cold smoking the one Smokemiester seems to fill the

smoke room admiringly."​
Christian, Oslo, Norway

​"Smokemiester just works fantastic. Ken is the real deal. He helped me with the install location of his product

on my Charbroil Digital Smoker. It was very easy to install the Smokemiester. It took me about 5 mins. The

day it arrived and after I installed it we smoked 17 Pork Chops to perfection. The next day we smoked 3lbs of

Salmon to perfection. Ken we just love your product. Clean up of the Smokemiester is a breeze. Just follow the

instructions. I also purchased the extension tube to use for longer smoke times. It works like a champ. Loaded it up

and it went all night long. About 10 hrs for me using wood chips not pellets. Ken thank you for a great and well built

product that actually does what you told me it would do. I will recommend this to all of my friends and family."
Joe, Whitehall, PA

"This thing is really a great product. Once you are set with the proper tools this thing installs in less than 5

minutes. I just used it on my Masterbuilt smoker and I was blown away by the smoke it cranked into the chamber.

I got an easy 6 hours of continuous smoke from the bag of Pellets that they provided to me with my order. This item

is no joke it really works great. The product itself is very well made and should last many many years. Once its

installed and snug its very sturdy."
Chris, Acworth, GA

"Works perfect and is simple to use."
Kenneth, Bismark, ND

​"Worked as described. Really puts out the smoke."
Charles, Austin, TX

"Works great, fast shipping"
William, Tomball, TX

"Works great"
Donald, Soddy Daisy, TN

"Works great"
Don, Interlachen, FL

"Works great thanks. Fast shipping!"
Tim, Pegram, TN 
"A very satisfied customer."
Howard, Rohnert Park, CA

"Fast delivery to Europe, very good product, happy that I bought it"
Birgen, Luxembourg Europe

"Great product! Just cured and smoked my very own bacon for the first ​ time!!"
Jason, Seneca, SC

"Very,very,very happy. THANKS"
Mike, Carnegie, PA

"Great product works great, just as advertised"
Leslie, Ashville, OH

"Small package but very well shipment"

"A square deal good bang for the buck."
John, Wellsburg, WV

"Great love it"
Morgan, Canada

Viktor, Russia

"Added to my masterbuilt smoker, my best investment yet. thanks a lot. smooking. yea"
Archie,  Indianola, MS

"Very simple and effective let smoke daddy keep his fish tank pump!"
Matt, Dartmouth, MA

"The smokemiester is the real deal!!!"
Dean, Germantown, MD

​"Great product, American made, I called the number on the web. The owner (Ken) called back answered 

questions I had for the application to my electric smoker. He could not have been more helpful."

Paul, Manchester Township, NJ

​"Works extremely well. super fast shipping. very very happy!!!

Michael, Sweet Springs, MO​​​​​

"This product worked great on my grill.  ​I smoked with it quite a few times already and is holding up nicely."

Donnie, Surprise, NE


Mark, Shelbyville, TN​​​​​

"This is an OUTSTANDING product. I installed this on my Broilmaster Gas grill and it was ready to go in 15 min.

Lots of smoke! and very easy to fire up and control. I cheapted out and got one of those tube smokers a couple

years ago. i could not keep that thing going - no matter what I did it always seemed to go out. When it did work it

was short on smoke. It was very frustrating and i was constantly monitoring it, lifting the lid, restarting, never getting

enough. NO MORE !- the Smokemiester came to the rescue and, believe me, it cranks out plenty of smoke without

any fuss. I can smoke with heat or no heat (like smoking butter or cheese without melting it). I had a question regarding

the stainless steel construction when i first got. I called Ken, the boss, and he was very helpful (one of the best

customer care guys Ive ever talked to). He definitely stands behind his product and will help with any question you may

have. Im very glad I got this SS Smokemiester, I wish i had gotten it long ago instead of wasting my time babysitting

that tube smoker. If you need a great way of smoking on a gas grill, I HIGHLY recommend this smoker."

Bradley, 4/13/18​​