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"A very satisfied customer." 
Howard from Rohnert Park, CA

"Fast delivery to Europe, very good product, happy that I bought it" 

Birgen from Luxembourg

"Great product! Just cured and smoked my very own bacon for the first time!!"

Jason from Seneca, SC

"Very,very,very happy. THANKS" 

 Mike from Carnegie, PA

"Great product works great, just as advertised" 

 Leslie from Ashville, OH 

"Small package but very well shipment"


"A square deal good bang for the buck."

John from Wellsburg, WV

"Great love it"

Morgan from Canada ​​


Viktor from Russia

We designed the SmokeMiester without the use of a problematic aquarium pump. During development we tested various air pumps. Aquarium pumps are diaphragm vibrating type pumps, each time it vibrates it sucks in a little smoke, after a few uses the pumps stop working, we took the pumps apart and found them full of creosote. 
how to build a bbq smoker.

Smokemiester BBQ Smoker


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     add  $45.00 USD 

 "The smoker that really works"


HOLIDAY SALE   SMOKER $99.95 ($20.00 off) (ends 12/8/14)

​​2 cups of start up food grade pellets & cleaning brush included with purchase 

Smokemiester barbecue smokers are unique. They install on the outside of any covered grill or enclosed space. 

The heat that the burning process generates is carried away in the air, leaving just the smoke for hot or cold smoking.

Smokemiester bbq smoker DOES NOT need an air pump like other barbecue smokers of this type.

We designed a new lower lid for finer control of the smoke entering the cooking area, giving you just right amount of smoke.

  • Self cleaning
  • Installs easily
  • ​Takes NO grill space
  • ​Ready to smoke in 5 minutes
  • ​Up to 7 hours of smoke on 4 on cups of pellets​

Cold Smoke Generator

Our smoker is made of iron, it is safe for food, we discarded aluminum because "Osha’s Occupational Safety and Health
Guideline for Aluminum says it should be avoided for cooking food."