Smokemiester bbq smoker is unique, it installs outside of a covered grill or any enclosed space. The heat that the burning process produces is carried away in the air, leaving just the smoke for true cold smoking cheese, bacon, ham, fish, vegetables, etc. For hot smoking ribs, brisket, poultry and fish, just turn on the heat source to your desired temperature.

Smokemiester DOES NOT need an air pump like other barbecue smokers of this type do.

  • Self cleaning
  • Installs easily
  • 5 minutes start up time & takes NO grill space
  • ​Delivers Cold or Hot Smoke
  • ​Smokes for up to 7 hours 4 on cups of pellets

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"Smokemiester attached to a Weber Kettle, I love using it, I can control the smoke which is REALLY good."

"The Smokemiester works really well on my Kamado, plenty of smoke, and I love the fact that you can keep the smoke flowing without all the hassles previously experienced. The one drawback of a Kamado for slow smoking is that you basically have to disassemble (pulling meat, heat diffuser, cooking grates) all to add more pellet packs to the heat source. The Smokemiester definitely addresses this issue. It’s well worth the money to avoid all the hassles, and dial in just the right amount of smoke. I would highly recommend this to friends."

 Stephen, Smyrna, TN 6/23/14

"Ok I am impressed and that is hard to do. We had to do a little more adapting but got it to work and boy did it work. I positioned it in between the two stacks in the rear so that it would have a little protection when towing. Thanks for all the help and answers." 

Rick, Jefferson City, TN 6/7/14

"Just wanted to let you know that I have made the Smokemiester go through several test runs in my (dear I say) spanking new smoke house and it works great! For cold smoking the one Smokemiester seems to fill the smoke room admiringly."​
Christian from Oslo, Norway

"The smokemiester is the real deal!!!"

​​Dean, Germantown, MD 6/15/14 

"Fast delivery to Europe, very good product, happy that I bought it" Birgen from Luxembourg 7/4/14

"Very,very,very happy. THANKS Mike" Carnegie from PA

"Great product works great, just as advertised" Leslie from Ashville, OH 

"Good." Viktor from Russia 

"Small package but very well shipment" Josue 

"A square deal good bang for the buck." John from Wellsburg, WV

"Great product! Just cured and smoked my very own bacon for the first time!!" Jason from Seneca, SC

"Great love it" Morgan from Canada ​​


"The bbq Smoker that Really Works"

produces delicious smokehouse results at home

no barbecue is complete without adding smoke