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​Dennis from Reedsport, OR 

"The Perfect Smoker For My Grill!!!!!!! After looking at numerous smoke generators, I found the SmokeMiester. It appeared to be a very straight forward and easy product for making smoke for my grill. Plus, it is small and does not need any other source of power or air pump. It literally took less than 5 minutes to install the SmokeMiester. It is a very easy install. We fired it up right away for a test run, and it made smoke - a LOT of smoke!!! Bottom line - I would HIGHLY recommend the SmokeMiester to anyone looking for an easy to use auxiliary smoke generator for their existing grill!" 

Kevin from New York

2 cups of  pellets included FREE with purchase 

Customer Review 

​"I wish I would have found this years ago. Their photo is not fake this is exactly how mine works.

Very easy to  install so simple to work. I was amazed. Thanks Smokemiester for a wonder product, I will be

buying another for  my second grill." 




  Smokemiester BBQ Smokers convert a covered grill into a BBQ Smoker. Our BBQ Smoker is Unique, it needs 

No Air Pump​, it makes its own draft. Our BBQ Smokers, install, burn, and deliver pure dense smoke, from outside of

covered grills and smokehouses. The heat that's generated from the burning process is carried away in the air, leaving

just smoke for COLD SMOKING. Installed on a covered grill Smokemiester makes the perfect HOT BBQ SMOKER/GRILL. 

​Our BBQ Smokers make more than enough smoke for any Barbecue. Smokemiester BBQ Smokers are easy to install, 

simple to use, Self Cleaning, and Need No Power. The burn screen allows ​free ​​​smoke circulation, and 

prevents outlet tube clogging. ​We've made a BBQ Smoker you'll be proud to own and use! See

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​1. Smokemiester BBQ Smokers are made with food safe iron
​2. Our BBQ Smokers are laser cut, & powder coated, for durability & visual appeal 
3. New lower lid design, gives Smokemiester BBQ Smokers precise smoke control
4. Wooden knobs, can be used without gloves when bbq smoker is hot
5. Unique pullout burn screen (no special tools to install or remove) 
​6. Lids & ash pan swing out of the way for lighting & cleaning

  • ​Installs In Minutes & Takes NO Grill Space 
  • ​Large 4 inch diameter, makes filling easy​​
  • ​Ready to smoke in 5 minutes or less​
  • ​Smokes for up to 8 hours, or 24 hours with overnight extension
  • ​Holds 4 cups of Wood Pellets, Chips or Chunks, 9 cups with overnight extension
  • ​Self cleans without removal, saves time, no mess to clean up​

      Smokemiester bbq smokers convert covered grills into a bbq smoker grill. The best bbq smokers.  

      ​MADE IN USA



      Pellets are made by compressing wet sawdust and extruded into 1/4" thick rods. They are broken 
      into small bits about 1/4" to 1" long. Food grade pellets are made from different hardwoods, each 
      having a different flavor, and they contain no chemicals. 

      Creosote is the compound responsible for the preservation and the flavor of meat in the process of smoking.  

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      with a covered grill

      BBQ Smokers that REALLY WORK 

      bbq smokers

      Why choose Smokemiester BBQ Smokers?

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      Contact: Ken # 1-510-604-1325

      Now Available: Smokemiester BBQ Smoker in 304 Stainless Steel

      BBQ SMOKER for Smokehouse Flavor


      Smokemiester creates its own draft, and smoke has an unobstructed path to the outlet tube. When air pumps 
      are used to create a draft, the cold air mixes with the smoke thinning and diluting it. Our smoker produces pure dense
      undiluted smoke.
      We have redesigned the lower lid for fine calibration of the amount of air entering the burn area for better 
      smoke control, with this design you can see from the outside how far your air intake is open. Full open is all the 
      air the smoldering pellets can use. If you want less smoke, close the lower lid to your desired smoke output.

      There is no other smoker that is easier to clean than Smokemiester. The cleaning instructions on most other smokers say that you have to remove the smoker from the bbq and heat up some water and soak it before you can even start cleaning, what a mess. Our smoker is made of iron, this makes our cleaning process very very easy, to clean, just open both lids and put 3/4 to 1 cup of pellets into smoker, light from the bottom until the pellets flame, let them burn out. When cool, brush away the residue inside of the smoker with a small wire brush.



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      Smokemiester Pellet Smokers 

      Need No Air Pump

      "The smoker that REALLY WORKS"

                                                MADE IN USA

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