SmokeMiester is a unique smoker. It is a firepot that is installed on the outside of a covered grill or any food smoking chamber. All of

the heat that the burning process produces is carried away in the air, leaving just the smoke that is transferred for true cold smoking. For hot smoking, just turn on the heat source.

  • Self cleaning
  • Installs easily
  • 5 minutes start up time & takes NO grill space
  • ​Delivers Cold or Hot Smoke
  • ​Smokes for up to 7 hours on cups of pellets

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IMPROVED Features of SmokeMiester 2:

We designed a new lower lid for better control of the air entering the burn area of the smoker, with this design you can see from the outside how far your air intake is open. Full open (as shown above) is all  the air the smoker can use. If you want less smoke, close the lid (as shown). We added a deeper and sturdier, ash pan, that helps in windy conditions.

 We added a new high temperature 1,200 degree coating.

Also available: SmokeMiester with Extension for up to 18 hours of unattended smoke. 
Extension can be purchased separately, installs easily on all SmokeMiester smokers.   

THe only smoker of this type that DOES NOT require an air pump


​     $119.95 



         Smokemiester with Extension


Smokemiester Pellet Smoker